Wanyange Girls Secondary School

'A School for Quality Education'



The staff at the school is composed of both teachers and non teachers as expected of all schools.

The Fifity teachers are both Humanities and Science professionals. It is a team of very enthusiastic teachers focused on ensuring that all the girls get the best attention in their academic journey. They pay attention to the individual students very well knowing their background.

This way, the school has hit a good rate of success in grooming quality girls for country, the universities and training institutions.

There is mutual respect for all workers in the school despite the position each person holds. The non-teaching staff are a very integral part of the staff in the school.

Their individual's role is very complementary to the sum total of the school's well-being and success in all activities it undertakes.


May 2020
Image 05
COVID19 Lockdown
The school is under COVID19 lockdown since 20 March.
May 2020
Image 06
Lockdown activity
A skeleton staff is maintaining the school compound during lockdown.
May 2020
Image 07
COVID19 Lockdown
Fingers crossed for lifting the lockdown. God Bless us ALL.