Wanyange Girls Secondary School

'A school for Quality Education'

Bogere Sanon Moses

bogere sanon

Time in Service:
I started teaching in 1990 when still under training, so I have been teaching for 21 years

Subjects Taught:
A seasoned Teacher of mainly Chemistry; he can also teach Biology and Mathematics.

Impact at Wanyange Girls School:
I ensure that chemistry is taught practically, lights are on appropriately and preps are supervised effectively.

Tell Us about your Experiences working with students at this level:
It is interesting as I see them go through a transition of biological changes in terms of behaviour, way of thinking.

Piece of advice to the students:
The instruments of power for success are
-Hard work (commitment)
- Discipline
- Hygiene
- Patriotism (self esteem)
- Setting a high standard goal


OCT 28, 2048
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OCT 16, 2048
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