Wanyange Girls Secondary School

'A school for Quality Education'

Mugoya Henry Mwondha

mugoya henry mwondha

Time in Service:
Has been at WGSS since June 03, 2013. moved from Busoga College Mwiri to the school as a Deuty Headteacher replacing Mr Kayale Peter.

Subjects Taught:
A teacher of French, Information Technology and Geography. Also an enthusiastic sportsman. He plays volleyball, badminton and table-tennis.

Impact at Wanyange Girls School:
As Deputy Headteacher, he gets involved in almost all activities in the school. Strange as it may sound; it is true that he really does. Each day presents itself with a different and often new challenge that reuqires a satisfactory answer. 'Dealing with students is such a job especially if the stidents are girls!'

Tell Us about your Experiences working with students at this level:
Teaching adlolescents is very interesting and sometimes consternating! You do not always get the response you expect. So one has to be prepared to receive the unexpected! It is a great joy to see young people gro up and develop into great people, responsible professionals and very useful to the nation and world at large.

Piece of advice to the students:

To all young people: Stay focused on the right goals, for the right reason, diligently and wisely if you wish to live long enough to see yor success and to enjoy it with your loved ones.


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