Wanyange Girls Secondary has not always been where it is. Nor is it staying where it is today. Get the quick facts of how this growing came came to be where it is today.


Bishop Kyomya

Dr. Michael Kyomya

Michael Kyomya is the bishop of the Anglican diocese of Busoga in Uganda. He was previously academic dean at the Nairobi International School of Theology (NIST) in Kenya. In 1995 Kyomya and his wife, Florence, founded Hesed Ministries, Uganda, which aims to help women build confidence through christian living. He is the current Board Chairman of Wanyange Girls.


Basekanakoyo Deborah

Basekanakyo Deborah

Headmistress Wanyange Girls 2019. It is our aim that girls should leave Wanyange at ease with themselves and ready to face with confidence the challenges of university life and beyond. We are extremely proud of our national reputation for outstanding public examination results and of our consistent success in securing places for our students at the most highly selective and prestigious universities in the country.


Kayale Peter

Mr. Kayale Peter

Deputy Headteacher Wanyange Girls. I welcome you all to wanyange girls official website. I would like to emphasize to you the need to believe in yourselves. We spend most of our time in life struggling for success. How then does it come about? To me most successful people in the world are those who in their life observe the Four Ds. These four Ds can be classified in the following manner.


Omadi Elizabeth

Omadi Elizabeth

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Adong Semmy

Adong Semmy

Deputy Headteacher Wanyange Girls.To the girl child, you should learn to have self esteem because that is the only way you can forge a way to succeed in your lives. Take your studies seriously and let first things come first. After adding value and quality to yourself, the rest will be added unto you.


Kirabe Moses

Kirabe Moses

The pride of any school is in its good performance. For other schools a good academic performance is how many first grades they get at ‘O’ level or the number of points someone gets at ‘A’ level. For Wanyange Girls Secondary school, we believe in producing students who can fit in this changing society.





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