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2021 Theme: ''The God of restoration and Hope; our rescue....' Ref: IPeter 5:10

ICT Resources

The School has good IT facilities for all pupils and staff and places a lot of importance on the use and application of Information and Communications Technology in teaching and learning throughout the curriculum. We fully recognise the ubiquitous state of ICT in today's world. It is our deliberate aim that the use of ICT should not only enhance and enrich teaching and learning, but that it should also be used in innovative ways away from the classroom or laboratory as we know them. We aspire to euip our girls with practical skills that can be very useful outside and after school.

The School runs an education-specific Research Machines CC4 Network based on Windows 7.

The pupil-to-computer ratio at the school needs to be enhanced further as the demands for ICT services have grown very much and faster than we can cope with within our means.

The school already has the new Computer and Technology Laboratory building that provides the space we need for the expansion of the ICT facilites. What is left now is to put euipment into the building; up to 100 workspaces are available in this building.

The demand for ICT facilities has grown very much in recent years. Today almost all the teachers use ICT either through smart phones, short movie clips, SMS, some social media platforms and online live platforms such as ZOOM.

We currently have a 27/7/365 Internet connectivity which we plan to strengthen with a local area network transmission that is more robust than the current one. One that shall enable teachers and students to access connectivity from any part of the school campus.

The COVID19 lockdown drew us back by much. Our plans were held up for some time.

The School uses a variety of networked software including Microsoft Office 2010 and Adobe Design Suite.

During the COVID19 lockdown, we took the opportunity to revamp our online presence by updating most parts of our website to current status of the school. We also used the website as the working link with out lockeddown students by providing academic work on the website.

We shall definitely do bigger exploits especially in ensuring more student hands on participation.

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