Wanyange Girls Secondary has not always been where it is. Nor is it staying where it is today. Get the quick facts of how this growing came came to be where it is today.

ICT Resources

The School has outstanding IT facilities for all pupils and staff and places the highest importance on the use and application of Information and Communications Technology in teaching and learning throughout the curriculum. We fully recognise that, in today's world, methods of accessing and communicating information are entirely different from the pre-computer and pre-internet age and it is our aim that the use of ICT should not only enhance and enrich teaching and learning, but that its use should be a completely natural part of the process.

The School runs an education-specific Research Machines CC4 Network based on Windows 7.


The pupil-to-computer ratio at Wayange is better than 3 to 1 and there are six dedicated ICT Suites; there are plans to increase still further the number of computers available to pupils. Two of the Computer Rooms accommodate a full class of 29, a third has 21 computers and a fourth has 16 computers.

The School uses a variety of networked software including Microsoft Office 2010 and Adobe Design Suite.

All staff and pupils have a school e-mail address, which can be accessed from anywhere, as can their documents and various subject-based resources.

Wayange uses the Schoolbase Information Management System for pupil records, attendance, reporting to parents, assessment tracking, timetabling and examinations.


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