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2021 Theme: ''The God of restoration and Hope; our rescue....' Ref: IPeter 5:10

Open Days and Visits

"There are few things more important than choosing the right school for your child. The unique atmosphere at Wanyange Girls' School encourages and extends each girl not just academically but in every area of her life. We invite you to come and visit us and see for yourself all that Wanyange has to offer. "

The School welcomes prospective parents with their daughters throughout the year; if you would like to visit the School please contact Headmistress
P. O. Box 1209, Jinja, Uganda.
or email to arrange an appointment.

Our girls achieve these outstanding successes in a relaxed atmosphere of mutual respect for self and others without the need for long lists of rules and regulations. At Wanyange we value individuality, celebrate diversity and encourage our girls to have the confidence to think for themselves, whilst emphasising the importance of tolerance, teamwork and collective responsibility.

The girls thrive in a warm and nurturing environment; they have - and generate - a great deal of fun whilst learning and they leave to take up their higher education places well-prepared for the next exciting phase of their lives.

Our girls are justly proud of their school and are always keen to act as personal guides to visitors. If you are unable to come to one of our publicised official Open Days, then you are most welcome to make an individual appointment to see round the school; such visits can be arranged by phoning the School Office.

I do hope to be able to welcome you to Wanyange in the very near future.

Basekanakyo Deborah 



It is Government Policy that all schools hold only one Visiting Day per Term. This is usually a day that takes up a lot of attention of both the parent and the student. It also exerts a lot of pressure on the school; the support staff, the teacher, the Administrtion as well. Preparing for visiting days takes up a lot of time and attention which is generally diverted from class and actvity time. So, one VD pert Term. Our school normally holds one such day in either the seventh or eighth week depending on the length of the Term.


In recent years, our school has held a number of open days where parents, old students, special visitors, community leaders and government officials are welcome to the school to witness student activity. The activity is usually in form of Science, Technology, Sports, Acrobatics, Recitals, Variety exhibitions, demonstrations and shows .

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