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Beginning Of Term Textbooks
Fees School And Personal Property
Permission Uniform
Visitors/Students’ Property Roll Call
School Activities Medical Check-Up
Health Co-Curricular Activities
Meals Duties
Intoxicants And Smoking Boundaries
Official Language Prayers
Respect, Politeness And Honesty Use Of Candles And Lamps
Punctuality Examination Malpractices
Dormitories Suggested Punishments



  1. A pupil owes a duty to herself to her parents and to her school, to do her best at work and games and all other school activities to co-operate with both staff and other pupils for the good of the school and to seek to reverence and love God.
  2. A pupil is forbidden to do anything by word or deed, which could cause harm to herself, her neighbors, or the good name of the school.  The staff has the power to make supplementary rules as they think fit for the good name of the school.  They have the power to punish offenders and if need be, if they consider in the interest of the school as a whole or of the girls herself, to recommend for the indefinite suspension from the school.
    A pupil is expected to show normal courtesy to the Headmistress, members of staff and elders
  1. Students must report on the first day of the term before 5.00 p.m during working days.  A student reporting after the first day must  be accompanied by the parent.  No student will be  allowed to report on a Public Holiday
  2. Students must report in full school uniform and register with an administrator/teacher.
  3. A student who fails to report within two weeks risks losing her place unless a genuine reason has been communicated to the school administration before the two weeks have elapsed.
  4. Once a student has entered the school gate for a new term, she shall not get out of school without written permission from an authority.
  5. Every student must follow beginning of term programmes put in place
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Fees must be paid in full to the school bank account before reporting back to school from the holidays.  Evidence of payments should be presented on reporting.  If a student has not paid her fees she will not be allowed to stay in school.
NB: Cash is not acceptable at school.

  1. Leaving school without permission will result in indefinite suspension.
  2. A student permitted to leave school will go out with a permission form and it is her responsibility to return and hand it over to an administrator or any other person authorized to receive it.
  3. Permission to leave school will ordinarily be granted by the Deputies in charge, Senior Woman Teacher and in their absence by the Headmistress.
  4. Only a Parent/Guardian or his/her official nominee is permitted to request for a student from school.
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  1. We have only one official visiting day in a term for the parents and Guardians.  Visiting cards must be presented.  Visitation ends at 4:30p.m.
  2. Messages and parcels brought for students shall be delivered at school’s reception/Staff room. All monies brought for students should be delivered to the Bursars office and registered.  This is allowed at 5.00p.m.
  3. Visitors must not be taken to dormitories, classrooms or around the school without the permission of an authorized person.  Visitors are received by prefects and teachers on duty who will inform the student visited.  No furniture should be moved for this purpose.
  4. Students who entertain unauthorized visitors are liable to be punished and risk suspension.
  5. Pocket money students are encouraged to keep all their pocket money with the Bursar.  This is is simply to protect the students from losing their money.  The  school limits the amount to 5,000/= a student may keep on herself and what she may draw from the Bursar from time to time.
  6. Personal clothes: Students should carry only three (3) white shirts and three (3) black skirts – below the knee.
  7. Transport money for end of term: Students should keep their transport money with the Bursar.  The school will not advance any money to students at the end of term for transport.
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  1. Punctual attendance for school activities i.e. classes, meals, preps , assemblies, house competition and any other activities stipulated by staff is compulsory.
  2. Silence is required during prep and no one should leave her place without a permission card Idle
  3. Students must remain in their classes during class hours irrespective of whether teachers are physically in class or NOT. No student should remain in dormitory during class time.  Dormitories must be locked during class time, prep time and Sunday service.
  4. Idleness and disorderliness in and outside classroom, staffroom and Headmistress’ office is forbidden.  These are serious offences and are severely punishable.
  5. All students shall observe discipline during assembly or parades noise making, unnecessary remarks to those addressing the assembly shall be punishable on discretion.
  6. Telephone booths are out of bounds during class time they will only be in use between 2.00 p.m. – 6.30 p.m. on Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday and on Public Holiday.
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  1. All sick students must report to the sick bay and must not stay in the dormitories.
  2. Permission to go to hospital will only be granted on the recommendation of the Medical Personnel except in emergency cases.  On return from hospital, the student must report to the Medical Personnel immediately with her medical treatment form.
  3. All medicines should be declared to the Nurse who shall monitor their use.
  4. Any deliberate attempt to feign or conceal health problems is punishable by suspension.
  5. All students must be thoroughly medically checked before reporting to school and must surrender the medical form to the Medical Personnel.
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  1. It is nor possible to provide special meals for particular individuals.  Any student who finds the menu provided by the school unacceptable, is advised not to report.
  2. Students should be prompt for all meals.
  3. Cooked meals not provided by the school are not allowed.

Consumption of alcoholic drinks, use of any intoxicating or hallucinating substances and smoking by students is strongly prohibited.


All students are required when at school and on official school trips to speak only in English/French which are regarded as official languages.

  1. Teachers, Prefects, Counselors, Form Captains or anyone else in authority should be respected and obeyed when discharging their legitimate duties.  Rudeness of any form is severely punishable.
  2. Stealing, lying, cheating, teasing, use of threats and fighting are prohibited.
  3. Foul or vulgar language and any anti-social behavior such as possession of distribution or pornographic, materials are punishable by suspension or expulsion.
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  1. Students must be punctual for all school functions including lessons, preps, assemblies and parades and Sunday services etc.
  2. Silence must be observed during lessons, assemblies, parades and Sunday services etc.
  1. i) Students must sleep in their assigned dormitories and in their own beds.  Students sharing beds risk severe punishment ranging from suspension to expulsion from school.
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  1. ii) No student should be in the dormitory during prep or lesson time or Sunday service and official school programmes.

  2. Lights in dormitories should be switched off at 11:00p.m and students should be quiet after lights are out.
  3. Use of electrical appliances in dormitories, classrooms or any other unauthorized premises is not allowed except approved flat irons.

A student who loses a school textbook must replace it with a new one.

  1. Each student is responsible for her own property. The school is not responsible for personal property left in dormitories during holidays
  2. Students who deliberately or carelessly damage school properties will meet the cost of repair or replacement.
  3. Vandalism is a serious offence, which will lead to suspension or expulsion.
  4. Writing on walls, mis-use of black boards (tables, textbooks) and any other place is forbidden.
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  1. School uniform must be worn during classes, any school function or when going out or coming back to school including visiting Sundays
  2. Hair should be kept short not more than half a centimeter, natural and neatly combed all the time.  Funny hairstyles, permed hair are prohibited at school.
  3. Cold days: on cold days, a navy blue school cardigan is worn in addition to school uniform.  Indecent dressing will not be tolerated.
  4. No jewelry and accessories except a watch shall be worn with school uniform.

All students must attend all roll calls.

  1. Medical checkup is compulsory for all students.
  2. Students are required to produce their identity cards when appearing for medical checkup.
  3. Any student found to be pregnant will be discontinued from school.
  4. Carrying out an abortion is a serious offence punishable by expulsion.
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  1. Officially organized co-curricular activities are compulsory.
  2. Every student must at least participate in at least two co-curricular activities.
  1. Duties assigned to a student involving cleaning, peeling or compound work must be carried out promptly and properly.
  2. It is responsibility of every student to keep and maintain the environment at all times.
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  1. The following places are out of bounds to all students unless permission by an authorized person is obtained to access them.
  1. i) Staff residences
    ii) All school gates
    iii) School kitchen
    iv) The school farm
    v) The edge of the hill clearly marked by a wire fence.
    For (i) and (ii) permission will be granted by the Senior Woman Teacher except in extraordinary circumstances.       

  2. Loitering by students infront of the administration block and functions where they are not invited like seminars etc is not allowed and is punishable.
  3. Staff room is out of bounds to students without permission.
  1. All Sunday prayers and officially organized prayers for various categories of students are compulsory for all students and uniforms
  2. All students shall observe silence and orderly behavior during prayer sessions.
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Using inflammable fuels or candles, lamps are prohibited.


Any form of Examination malpractices; including  cheating , assisting, others to cheat, disrupting an examination, disorderly conduct in an examination etc are strongly prohibited and re severely punishable up to expulsion.


1.  Indefinite suspension

  1. Going beyond  prescribed boundaries without permission.
  2. Going to staff quarters without permission from Senior Woman and teachers on duty.
  3. Bullying
  4. Consumption of alcohol or any intoxicating / hallucinating substances and smoking.
  5. Theft
  6. Lesbianism, sexual immorality, pornography and antisocial behavior.
  7. Refusing to undergo medical examination.
  8. Missing gazetted/emergency roll calls
  9. Organizing or leading a strike.
  10. Indecent dressing
  11. Fighting
  12. Possession of illegal items phones or other phone accessories (only A levels can have radios without cassettes
  13. Escaping from school without permission.
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2.  Two weeks suspension

  1. Violent conduct, inciting others into violence especially the aggressor.
  2. Entertaining or talking to unauthorized visitors in the compound, the dormitory or over the fence.
  3. Teasing and defecating around buildings or outside the latrine / toilet.
  4. Refusing to do a punishment
  5. Found in another dormitory after 11.00 p.m
  6. Noise making during prep.
  7. Disturbing prep or class
  8. Loitering during class or prep.
  9. Lateness for classes
  10. Passing through a window and must return with a tin of oil paint.
  11. Cooking in the dormitory
  12. Possession of unauthorized items like trousers our other kinds of dresses
  13. Insubordination and false pretences.
  14. Impersonation and false pretences
  15. Withholding information and lying to staff.
  16. Defacing notices and writing on walls.
  17. Examination malpractice other than cheating or assisting others to cheat ets
  18. Reporting back to school after 5.00 p.m.
  19. Failure to attend Sunday services or Juma prayers.
  20. Calling parents to come without permission.
  21. Using the call booth outside restricted time.
  22. Abuse of school uniform.
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3. Call for  parents

  1. Rudeness to authority / insolent behavior.
  2. Abusing passers-by / visitors
  3. Use of vulgar language to prefects and staff / student leaders.
  4. Constant missing of classes, failing to do house work and dodging tests/  exams
  5. A parent may be called to school at the discretion of the administration to discuss matters pertaining to his/her daughter’s discipline or academic performance and Health.
  6. Failing to do holiday work.

4. Detention

  1. Bathing on verandahs
  2. Taking food outside the dining hall
  3. Moving furniture without permission
  4. Speaking vernacular
  5. Missing assembly
  6. Urinating in the bathrooms and verandah.

5. Gating (Not being allowed to go out of the school)

Inappropriate behavior when outside the school

6. General

Any form of unacceptable conduct is punishable depending on the gravity of the offence.


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