Wanyange Girls Secondary has not always been where it is. Nor is it staying where it is today. Get the quick facts of how this growing came came to be where it is today.

Wanyange PTA

Wanyange PTA ChairmanA long time parent, friend to the school, entrepreneur and industrialist Mr. Tumwesigye is the Chairperson PTA.
He has educated eleven girls in Wanyange Girls School and probably is the only parent who holds that record. In fact virtually all his daughters have gone through the school.
He holds a degree in Flour Milling technology, an International Diploma in Operations and Financial management as well as Feed Formulation and has been in various institutions in the USA, Denmark, Holland and Tanzania.
He says, “My inspiration as Chairperson PTA is to strive for the future of our children by equipping them with the right skills; attitudes knowledge and entrepreneurial skills. I feel indebted to impart on our children good entrepreneurial skills so that the young can cope with challenges of the future.


As PTA Chairperson, my background is very vital in enhancing my role effectively because am in a good position to share my vast experience with all the stake holders particularly children.
I feel very proud of the school which I have been associated with since 1987. Since then, all my daughters have gone through the school. I am proud that the quality of the products in the girls is very commendable. My daughters have not let me down as a result of the good training and mentoring they received from the school. They are responsible, know how to manage themselves, are creative and thus find life easy.
I wish to appreciate the good and friendly relationship I have had with the administration of the school, the teachers, students and my fellow parents.
When the PTA elected me as their chairperson, it was a sign to me of the trust they had in my selfless determination to serve the community. Many of the parents feel that my success as an industrialist should be translated into good administration policies to uplift the school and propel it into greater heights. For this I must say I am happy to serve you.
Besides, my long association with Wanyange Girls School has given me the opportunity to see Wanyange Girls School grow. I have contributed to this growth in many ways particularly in decisions affecting the welfare of the school more so in the areas of academics, discipline and development.
To my dear daughters, I urge you to remain focused and have the zeal to pursue your goals and ambitions. You should study hard and have confidence in whatever you do for success belongs to the organized.
For the teachers who are the core of transforming our children and the school, you should remember that ‘there is always a better way of doing it.’ If you do it so well today, yearn for excellence and impart more knowledge so that you can consolidate what they have for the future.
My fellow parents, we need to support not only our children but also the teachers. Be available all the time and inculcate the spirit of team work so that together we uphold the triangle.

Thank you.

“Kulwa Katonda ne Gwanga Lyaffe.”
Mr. Tumwesigwe Stanley J. Murumba
PTA Chairman



  1. Mr. Tumwesigye Stanley Chairperson
  2. Mrs. Mayinja Catherine  Vice Chairperson
  3. Mr. Gabula Andrew Nadiope  Treasurer
  4. Mrs. Ariko Beatrice                          
  5. Mrs. Watera Grace Wamboka
  6. Mr. Ssensamba Gonza
  7. Mr. Musulube Arthur
  8. Mr. Opit William
  9. Mrs. Apio Jane Teachers’ representative
  10. Mr. Izizinga Godfrey Teachers’ representative
  11. Mr. Kayale Peter  Deputy H/M
  12. Ms. Adong Semmy Deputy H/M
  13. Ms. Basekanakyo Deborah Headmistress / Secretary PTA
  14. Mr. Bangu K David Bursar


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