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2021 Theme: ''The God of restoration and Hope; our rescue...." Ref: IPeter 5:10

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Welcome to our website which is designed to introduce you to our remarkable Wanyange Family and to encourage you to visit us in person and learn more at first hand.

I am delighted at this opportunity to serve as Headteacher at this great school. It’s indeed a positive challenge for me to make my contribution in a position of leadership here.

I have been a teacher “all my Life”, since I first taught in my S.4 vacation at the age of 16! However, I have taught as a qualified teacher at the secondary School level since 1989 when I graduated (teaching History, CRE and General paper) and 12 of these years, I have been a head teacher as well.


From my observation since I took office at this school, I can confidently say that the girls at this school have potential to excel, to make this school the leading girls school in the region. The school has good teachers, a good library and bright students.
My mission is to motivate and inspire the girls, to realize and maximize the discipline of our girls and create a conducive learning environment for them.

We are also enforcing the Teachers’ Code of Conduct to help our teachers realize the need to give more time and support to our students

Improving the girls’ reading culture is also high on our agenda, with the teachers of English and Literature, especially in the lower classes, adding an element of book reviews in the routine academic program.

Extra lessons, discussions and practicals in the science subjects and Maths are also being implemented to improve the overall students’ grades.

Promotional tests will help the students to be focused and concentrate throughout their course.

The UCE and UACE 2011 results which have been released recently have helped me to know where we are as a school, and provided a starting point for our focus.

I am glad to note that the teachers have come on board. This is a key ingredient for teamwork, collective effort and responsibility. Ideas and resolutions are being born out of the weekly briefings, which have become arenas for brainstorming, and paving a way forward for our school.


Through the mentoring program which is already in place, individual students’ strength and challenges are identified. This helps us to cater for the individual needs of our girls and support them maximuly in fulfilling their potential.


My appeal to the old girls is to be available to guide and support the school administration and the girls in all possible ways. Since they have been here before us, they can tell us how and where they excelled, where there were challenges they understand better (from the students’ point to view) what worked for them, and what may work now. Such ideas can be selectively and critically analyzed to give us a way forward for our girls


1. Working as a team with all stake holders towards transforming our school as a centre of excellence in the region
2. Provide leadership towards a self motivated staff and students’ body
3. A mentoring program where teachers are given a small group of students and work with, and support in their academic and non-academic challenges
4. Appeal to all stakeholders, government, parents, community and our mother church to support us in every way possible and work with us for the good of our school ( the futures generation ), our country and to the Glory of God

For God and my country.
Basekanakyo Deborah 

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