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2021 Theme: ''The God of restoration and Hope; our rescue...." Ref: IPeter 5:10

School Overview

Wanyange is a leading government boarding school for girls in Secondary School in which some of the best academic results in the country are attained within a lively, happy and caring environment. Our outstanding record of achievement is complemented by an extensive range of extra-curricular opportunities.

In keeping with the wishes of our founders, the School has maintained a relatively fair number of girls to allow for the individual development of all girls, enabling every pupil to reach her full potential in a supportive and friendly environment. The School functions in an atmosphere of respect for self, respect for others and personal responsibility without the need for long lists of rules and regulations.

The result is a community where pupils are enthusiastic learners who take full advantage of the impressive breadth of educational and personal opportunities. Our results consistently confirm the School's position as one of the top girl schools in Uganda and among the best-performing school in the East of Uganda. The girls thrive in a friendly and caring environment; they have - and provide - a lot of fun, and leave to take up their higher education places personally, socially and academically prepared for the next exciting phase of their lives.



Message from Deputy Headteacher - Welfare

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the official web site of Wanyange Girls.  It is my sincere hope that it satisfies your expectations.
Dear Parents, I wish to continue encouraging you to take a keen interest in the education of especially the girl children just like the boys.  Special attention should be paid to the girls because they face more challenges than boys.  These can be social, economic, psychological or emotional.  The other problem is the negative social attitude where some communities still do not value the education of the girl child.
However, we are happy that most of you parents value girls as much as boys.  Educating the girl child adds value and quality to her.
It is unfortunate though that sometimes a few parents are too busy looking for money and have little time for their children and therefore do not get to know who the children actually are.  This explains why some neglected children behave differently at school compared to the way they do at home.  In such circumstances some parents think it is the teacher’s role to shape up the children.  Parents should know that teachers only play a complementary role to what the parents have already done and continue to do.
Parents, especially mothers should be good role models to their daughters and give a good example because children live by what they see.
To the girl child, you should learn to have self esteem because that is the only way you can forge a way to succeed in your lives.  Take your studies seriously and let first things come first.  After adding value and quality to yourself, the rest will be added unto you.
It is also good for the girl child to always listen to counsel because if they mess up their lives at the formative stage, the mistakes made can make a permanent impact on their lives.  Moreover those mistakes may often never be corrected.  Where they can be corrected, then they must never be repeated and should therefore be a learning experience.
Teachers should take girls as their children and daughters.  Give them guidance, encouragement and be exemplary and help nurture them.
Remember the only reward a teacher can reap is the success of his student.

Awebwa Sarah N. (Mrs.) 
Deputy Headmistress


Message from Deputy Headteacher - Administration

I welcome you all to Wanyange Girls official web site.  I would like to emphasize to you the need to believe in yourselves.  We spend most of our time in life struggling for success.  
How then does it come about? To me most successful people in the world are those who in their life observe the Four Ds.  These four Ds can be classified in the following manner.
Discipline: in simple terms this is good manners.  Discipline is having self respect and respect for all, friends, neighbors, authority, elderly as well as workmates.  This also involves respect of personal and community property and respecting the environment in which you live.  It is about having good morals and integrity –character is said to be more important than high educational background.

Dedication: implies having a positive mental attitude.  It is being willing and ready to have self sacrifice.  When we practice this attitude in any given condition we are bound to get positive results.

Determination: This is hard work with willingness and readiness to move an extra mile for excellent results.  This will lead one to greater heights because even the best philosophy in the whole world will not work for you if you are not determined.
Devotion: implies Godliness and faith – that is devoted to doing everything in God’s name.  Trusting that with God everything is possible.
I do urge the staff and students in this community to uphold values of honesty, integrity, fear of the Lord, hard work and dedication through personal involvement.  If at all you want to succeed do the above and you will never regret.
Lastly, I would like to appreciate the staff and students who have contributed to this web site. it’s a success.

Kulwa Katonda n’e gwanga Lyaffe
Mugoya Henry Mwondha
Deputy Headmaster


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