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P. O. Box 1209
Wanyange Girls Secondary School

Tel:+256 332 277467
Fax No: +256 43 121 322


The school is at coordinates 00 28’59.31”N 33014'39.00"E and its highest peak is 4430 ft above sea level.

Tel DOS:+256 332 277 469

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About the School

  • Student Life

    This page provides community news updates as they happen in the student community of the School.

  • Teaching Staff

    You are able to see a comprehensive profile of each teacher in the various subject areas and their experience at the school.

  • Departments

    Welcome to the departments site. These are organized in both the Arts or Humanities and the Sciences.

  • Alumni

    The Wanyange Old Girls Association is an association of members who have undergone training at the school.