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Arts and Science departments in Wanyange

Welcome to the departments site. These are chronologically organized in both arts and sciences. The school administration and Headmistress in particular is so supportive and responsive to the smooth running of both the science and arts department especially in funding requirements.

You are able to see the different Heads of Departments in Wanyange Girls.

The number of staff in each department is also available, how the school administration has supported each department, the vision or mission of each department, the achievements that each head of department has been able to attain, the current situation of the department, some of the challenges they are faced with and how they have been able to overcome them.

The teacher's profiles as well are accessible on this site.

You are able to see how long each teacher has been in service, the various subjects they teach and their impact at Wanyange Girls. You will be able to get a first hand insight on what experience they have acquired with the interaction they have had with the students and a piece of advice to the students in school.

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