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This site provides community news updates as they happen in the student community of Wanyange Girls School.

In this edition you will be able to find the various clubs found in Wanyange Girls. These are both Social and Academic. You will be able to find useful articles from the students, a word from the various Student leaders; the Head girl and the Student Council Leader.

An Archive having past articles from the almunae of the school.

We have a special edition of the Computer department that has taken on the I-Earn project and how it has been able to help the girls that have enrolled in it.Visit Us on Wanyange Girls .. Feel free to browse through the pages for daily updates.

Please take time to visit the photo galleries having various activities that the students have participated in.

Latest Project


I-Earn Africa ICT project Wanyange Girls

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News Updates

Relationsip articles, health, Tips on how to pass Exams among others are carefully posted on the newspage.