Social clubs in Wanyange

WGS-Red Cross Club

Red Cross Club

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WGS-Scouts Club

Scouts Club

The scouting club shines in Wanyange and the Girls are very proud of their club and don’t regret being female scouts People everywhere wonder why girls are called scouts.

There is a secret behind and this can be revealed to you when you also join this scout’s movement Parents, teachers and friends. The role of female scouting is a true image of the growing advocating for worldwide equality of men and women having both sexes moving together as brothers and sisters, more so emphasizing the gender balance which is the call for every nation.


Wildlife Club

::Message from the Chairperson Wild life Club

Wildlife club in Wanyange Girls School is one of a kind, probably the most active in the school. We carry out multiple activities in the school like planting trees on the slope of the hill, community work, among others.


Debating Club


We the members of the debate club of Wanyange recalling the history of our school which was characterized by stunted progress, save for no place in the history of performing clubs in the school: unlike the Bismarck’s’ policy of blood and iron, we say :”the great question of the day shall not be resolved by blood and iron but by speeches and resolutions :because today’s’ welfare is won not by muscle but wit and brains. 


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